Crypto Exchange, Casino, and Academy Lauching September

Crypto Exchange, Casino, and Academy Lauching September

EZ365 has announced their intention to launch the first platform that combines cryptocurrency trading, a crypto casino, and an educational platform. The aim of the new system is the make access to crypto trading and use more accessible by offering customer support and security that they say is market leading. 

The first version of the platform will be released in mid-September and will use Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Stellar coins. Funding can be made via credit cards using fiat by integrating with payment gateways. 

The three components of the system are; EZ Exchange, a crypto and fiat digital asset exchange; EZ Win, a casino that allows users to gamble with a range of crypto currencies; and EZ Academy that will offer tools and community knowledge sharing. 

The team behind EZ365 includes leaders in blockchain development, and experts in network and security infrastructure for global capital and derivatives markets. They have experience in the rigour and methodology of established financial market security, ensuring server redundancy, fault tolerance and high availability systems, extensive hacker testing, and Know Your Customer (KYC) / Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance.

EZ Exchange will hold 95 percent of funds in cold storage, with the remaining five percent of funds fully protected.

Russell Korus, CEO of EZ365 said, “by eliminating the challenges typical of cryptocurrency exchanges in use today -- such as complexity, poor user experience, and lack of customer support -- we will break down the barriers to mass adoption.”