Malaysia's Bitcoin Millionaire - Dato Seri Nicky Liow

Dato’ Seri Nicky Liow invested in crypto when Bitcoin wasn’t much on the radar, eventually becoming a crypto success story in Malaysia.

Malaysia's Bitcoin Millionaire - Dato Seri Nicky Liow

Dato Seri Nicky Liow, as the name might suggest, is not your typical Bitcoin millionaire. Malaysia is known for it’s innovation and being one of the wealthiest countries in South East Asia, but until Dato’ Seri Nicky Liow invested in crypto, Bitcoin investment wasn’t much on the radar.

Dato Seri Liow, also know by his Chinese moniker of Dato’ Seri Liow Soon Hee, is a crypto success story in Malaysia. Seeing the opportunity presented by the innovative payment scheme in 2017, he invested before the hype.

Momentary Slump

Those who have followed the Bitcoin journey will remember well the boom and bust of late 2017. The crash hit the headlines since there were so many normal people who had thrown their savings into crypto in the hope of getting ahead. 

Dato Nicky rode out the slump, and along with the trading price of Bitcoin, he recovered and was able to retain the claim of being a Malaysian crypto millionaire. There are big names that sit beside him on the list of crypto big wigs, those who have held their nerve after getting in early.

Illustrious Company

It’s a hard wealth to quantify, with the almost hourly fluctuations affecting the value of investments. Some of the top players in cryptocurrency includes

  • The Winklevoss twins, Cameron and Tyler - known as the guys who sued Facebook, they invested their settlement into bitcoins early, like Dato Nicky.
  • Satoshi Nakamoto – the person, or people, behind Bitcoin and a blockchain innovator, they have a huge stock of the currency which would make them one of the richest people in the world.
  • 50 Cent – The rapper from South Side seems to have accidentally got into crypto by accepting payments in Bitcoin for an album in 2015, his coins are now estimated to be worth a few million USD.

Spread the Wealth

Coming from nothing to become a Bitcoin millionaire isn’t as common a narrative in Malaysia as it is in North America or Europe. Keeping true to his roots, Dato Seri Nicky Liow has placed philanthropy front and centre of his company ethos.

The business mission at Winner Dynasty Group is Ta Ai, which translates to something like ‘big love’. Dato Nicky forayed into philanthropy after hearing of a sick child in a Chinese village whilst on a trip there. He was able to donate money to pay for her medical bills, and the thanks he received on a return visit showed him the value of charity.

Innovate to Succeed

With the wealth gained through his Bitcoin investments, Dato Nicky has done as all good businessmen do and diversified his portfolio, whilst retaining his interest in the source of with money.

There can be a lack of trust in financial technology products in Asia, with a leaning towards traditional investments such as property and commodities like tin and rubber. By achieving crypto millionaire status in Malaysia Dato Nicky is showing that a little risk can have both personal and philanthropic payoff.


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