PundiX to Work with Traki on Crypto Payments In Stores

PundiX to Work with Traki on Crypto Payments In Stores

Crypto payments innovator Pundix is partnering with a Venezuelan chain store to bring crypto payments to the high street. Traki, with 49 stores across the country, will be installing the XPOS system to enable payments in multiple coins. 

Issues with hyperinflation and and fiat currency supply has seen Venezuela become a hotbed of cryptocurrency trading, with 57billion Bolivars being traded in one week in July.By allowing customers to buy in cryptocurrency, Traki is following the emering markets in the nation, allowing consumers to pay for basics such as food and clothing with crypto.

Intriducing XPOS terminals in stores will allow customers to make payments using Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin, DAI, DGX, XEM, KCS, KNC, and Pundi X's own tokens, the NPXS and NPXSXEM. Michael Gomez, Chief of Crypto Assets department of Traki said "this partnership with Pundi X solidifies our commitment to make cryptocurrency as easy to use as fiat currency in our stores."

Pundix is a crypto innovator. They have developed a mobile operating system called f(x) which makes phone calls using blockchain technology and negates the need for a mobile network - only an internet connection and other f(x) phones nearby are needed.

In July the co-founder of Pundix, Zac Cheah, made the first blockchain phone call in Africa, at a blockchain conference in Rwanda. 

Talking of their latest partnership, Cheah said, "Traki has been one of the early adopters of cryptocurrencies in Venezuela, which highlights its commitment to improve the traditional financial system. We hope the XPOS further expands the crypto use cases that customers have come to expect from Traki."